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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
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Rem (レム)

Rem is the old block D leader. She is first seen in episode 61, but she is reminded in episode 60 when Babalaba traped Bobobo, Don Patch, Jelly Jegler, and Beauty in the Gaint Coin Game.

At first, Babalaba kidnaped Beauty by his bubbles to the next part in the Gaint Coin Game so she was in the same room as Rem's Sleeping Cell.

Super Fist of The Nighty Night
Ultimate Super Fist Rent Rest Around and RV Park
Sleeping Powder
Sleep Tight
Mattress Pack
Set Up Sleep Clock
Super Fist of Fall Fall Teddy Bey
Sheep Sleep, Sheep
Super Fist of Darkness

Rem always wear red bra, really short pants, and white boots. When she is in her dream world fighting, she's wearing a long white shirt with holes.

Voice Actors
Shiraishi, Ryouko
Hollingshead, Megan
Martínez, Julia