Tsubasa Nishikiori

Tsubasa Nishikiori

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Tsubasa Nishikiori (錦織 つばさ)

The landlady of the Kurogane House, a spa in Atami. She and her staff has a mysterious connection with the Kabuto family as well as a vast knowledge about Dr. Hell and the Mycenaeans.

Tsubasa was originally a character from Gakuen Taikutsu Otoko as a high school student opposing the oppressive teachers with great physical strength and becomes the proprietor of a bathouse with strong fighters to help out. She also appears in Susano Oh with a similar role.

Tsubasa also appeared in several other Go Nagai manga such as Violence Jack's City of Gold arc where she is the leader of a yakuza gang that assist the title character, here Tsubasa is portrayed as an adult bearing the age and appearance that would be used in Shin Mazinger.

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Voice Actors
Ichijou, Miyuki
Patruno, Stefania
Helena, Lúcia
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Carneiro, Alessandra
Portuguese (BR)
Guillén, Maria Rosa
Pérez Padrón, Yolanda