Kaoru Mikoshiba

Kaoru Mikoshiba


Yakuza Girl: Blade-jikake no Hanayome
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Kaoru Mikoshiba
First appearance: Chapter 2

Kaoru is the leader of the ninth unit of the Committee, she has a very stern, almost masculine personality, completely unforgiving even with her own underlings, even more so with those who break the rules. She appeared briefly, slaughtering two of her henchmen caught while trying to rape Akari, and proceeded to brutally torture Akari herself when she took the blame for Fumihiro's escape. She almost killed her, but instead let Fumihiro take the blame by making him sign with his own blood an oath to never try to flee again, otherwise condemning him to a grisly, suffering death. Her Shikigei is located on her neck, and its power is known as Kuroibara, with which Kaoru's legs change into a mass of black, thorn-covered, blade-ending tentacles. As it has been suggested by a brief conversation between Kaoru and her Shikigei, she herself has some gruesome memory of Daihon, as the tattoo was surprised that she "let those two go so easily."

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