Romeo x Juliet
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Conrad (コンラッド)

Captain of the Capulet Guards who saved Juliet and Cordelia from death fourteen years ago. Now a priest, he looks after Juliet, though he is exasperated by her antics. It is Conrad who reveals to Juliet her secret heritage on the day of her sixteenth birthday when he presents to her the sword of the House of Capulet. He fights with a sword in battle. He later acts as the de-facto leader of the Capulet faction, planning an assassination attempt on Lord Montague (he wants to only kill the Duke so that less blood is spilled); however, after being betrayed by his old friend Camio, he is injured in a Montague raid against the Capulet supporters. Since his escape, he has been under the care of Ariel. When he recovers, he presents the Capulet family sword to Juliet again, reviving her resolve for the Capulet's cause. When Juliet disappears after Montague's defeat, he orders Francisco and Curio to search for her. He is evacuated from the castle during the battle for Juliet. During the finale, he tends to an iris flower memorial with Antonio, wondering if his past actions with Juliet were fair.

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Voice Actors
Elliott, R. Bruce
Houki, Katsuhisa
Konrád, Antal
O, In Seong
Maggi, Enrico
Eichel, Kaspar
Galéra, Jean-Marc