Issho ni Training: Training with Hinako
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Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako
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Issho ni Training Ofuro: Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko
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Hinako (ひなこ)

Hinako used to be a shut-in who just liked eating snacks and watching anime all day in her dark living room until her dream of becoming an anime character comes true!

No longer unfit, no longer sloppy-- Hinako is a young, busty and energetic girl who is on a mission to make her fellow otaku hikkikomori get into shape.

She likes push-ups, squats, crunches, showering and sleeping, and loves to dream that she is a magical girl. Hinako also enjoys wearing lingerie and school gym outfits (though she does not seem to go to school).

If there's anything Hinako loves more than lingerie, anime and exercising, it's sleeping! She appears to be a great advocate of sleep.

Voice Actors
Kadowaki, Mai
Graffam, Marianne
Hannak, Nicole

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