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Tomo Yamanobe (山辺 燈)

Birthday: October 28th (Scorpio)
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Dark Blue, Purple (manga)
Age: 16
Cup size: G
Bust: 91
Waist: 56
Hip: 86
Affiliations: Athos
Element: Half of Sword of Maria (Manga)
Likes: Helping, Bathing with Mafuyu

Daughter of St. Mihailov's last dean and currently best friend and roommate of Mafuyu, Tomo is her opposite, both physically and mentally: she's very childish, sweet, and naïve, and while having the largest bust of the whole female cast, she's physically weak, and always gets bullied by her classmates.

Tomo has shoulder-length dark blue hair and crimson red eyes. She has a large bust size that is no bigger than Urara Oikawa and Tomo is also physically weak.

Tomo is the spitting image of Sasha's original protector, Olja, which explains why he took so willingly the role of Tomo's guardian, much to Mafuyu's chagrin.

Tomo is the exact opposite of Mafuyu Oribe, both physically and mentally: Tomo is very childish and naive, yet she is very sweet-natured and soft-spoken with a heart of gold, preferring peace over conflict, even when that gets her into trouble.

Given her kind-hearted nature, she is also very friendly, forgiving, and befriend anyone, no matter how hostile they were initially.

Tomo is very well endowed that she is considered as a High Maria, and with that she also has very high-quality soma, in fact the soma is so strong that when someone drinks her soma, the qwaser's abilities actually increase.

Tomo has inverted nipples that naturally do not protrude from her breasts and they only erect when stimulated.

(Source: Seikon no Qwaser Wiki &

Voice Actors
Toyosaki, Aki
Lee, Gye Yun
Barrera, Mildred

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