Megumi "Jamie Robinson" Oka

Megumi Oka

Chou Denji Machine Voltes V
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Megumi Oka (岡めぐみ)
Megumi Oka is a kunoichi (female ninja) and the 18th heir of the Kouga-ryu ninja. Young, slim, and beautiful, Megumi received special training during her childhood. By the age of 13, she already possessed extraordinary skills and lightning reflexes. She also learned the gentle arts from her mother. Through her mother's guidance, Megumi became a person with a calm yet alert disposition. Joining the Voltes V Team, she was the voice of reason among the male members, especially whenever Ken'ichi and Ippei were about to clash during personal conflicts. Her cool demeanor and uncanny skills qualified Megumi as the fifth (and only female) member of the Voltes V team. Her uniform was yellow with pink accents. Voiced by Miyuki Ueda, who also played as the voice of Chizuru Nanbara in Combattler V, as Erika in the Daimos series, and as Marie Antoinette in Rose of Versailles; the latter was another series on which Nagahama, the creator of Voltes V, was one of the contributing directors. She pilots the Volt Lander (Feet).

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Voice Actors
Ficher, Miriam
Ueda, Miyuki