Ran "Aya, Abyssinian" Fujimiya

Ran Fujimiya

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Ran Fujimiya (藤宮蘭)

Name: Fujimiya Ran aka Aya
Codename: Abyssinian
Age: 20
Birthday: July 4th
Place of birth: Japan
Family: Younger sister
Height: 1,78 m
Bloodtype: A
Likes: Reading, writing, money and Aya
Dislikes: Authority figures
Image flower: Rose
Weapon: Nihontou or Katana called "Shion"
Enemy: Takatori Reiji, Brad Crawford and Hell
Seiyuu: Takehito Koyasu

Aya is a man who has abandoned his smile. His cold expression keeps people away. If it's for money, he will accept any job. An incident in his past changed his life; since then, he has sworn vengeance in his heart and hidden himself. The enemy who makes him burn with hatred is the powerful Reiji Takatori. Aya is always cool, but when he meets those who make him remember his hatred, his emotions burst out. He secretly visits a young girl lying unconscious in the hospital.

"Neither devil nor death. I am just a murder."

Source: Mellow Candle

Voice Actors
Koyasu, Takehito
Green, Dan
Juhn, Paul
Hong, Si Ho