Jusetsu " Liu Shouxue" Ryuu

Jusetsu Ryuu

Koukyuu no Karasu
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Koukyuu no Karasu
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Jusetsu Ryuu (柳 寿雪)

At sixteen years of age, she is the latest successor to the title of "Raven Consort." She lives at the Ye Ming Palace deep in the inner palace; and despite her title of Consort, she does no nighttime duties, and has no contact with the Emperor. She uses mysterious arts to perform things such as calling spirits and exorcisms. She is accompanied by a golden chicken (the "watchman of Niao Lian"), a lady-in-waiting and a few servants inside her residence. Despite her tsundere attitude, she cannot resist when being served baozi, her favorite food.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Mizuno, Saku
Tipton, Alexis