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Brad Kitao
Brad is a action movie star with many adoring female fans. Ash and his friends first meet the star when he approaches them in disguise and hands them a bundled up blanket. He asks them to watch it for him and then he leaves. Inside the blanket was a Smoochum. Later on he goes back to get his Smoochum back but can't find them anywhere due to an interference with Team Rocket. His manager, Vidso, soon finds him and orders him to go back to the set with him.

After dealing with Team Rocket, Ash and the gang learn where Brad was and go there to give Smoochum back to him. But they are confronted by his manager and he tells them that Brad doesn't want Smoochum anymore. When they were about to leave Brad heard Smoochum's voice and came running. He was overjoyed to have her back. Vidso suggested to him that he get rid of Smoochum because he feared that his reputation would be ruined. He wanted him to have a tough Pokémon such as Charizard or Houndoom. But Brad explained that he could never abandon Smoochum because it was because of her that he was able to get as far as he did in being a celebrity.

Completely unfazed by Brad's story, Vidso was still intent on getting rid of Smoochum. So he orders two security guards, which happen to be Team Rocket in disguise, to get rid of the kids and Smoochum. Team Rocket decided to put their own plans into play and attempted to steal Smoochum.

Seeing that Smoochum was in danger, Brad jumps into action and fights Team Rocket himself without the aid of any Pokémon to save her. Thinking that it was a show, Brad's fans cheered him on. Afterwards, Brad tells his fans that Smoochum is his real life Pokémon. Vidso believed that his career was over now. However, Brad's fans also loved Smoochum and she is now a star in his movies as well.

Voice Actors
Canna, Nobutoshi
Thompson, Marc