Yuuichi Kannami

Yuuichi Kannami

The Sky Crawlers
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Yuuichi Kannami (函南優一)
A new Kildren pilot who arrives to work at Urisu Base.

He has no memories of himself before arriving at the base. Despite being skeptical about his fellow workers who seem to know him and about Suito Kusanagi's words, he exhibits mastery of maneuvering fighter planes as the ace pilot of the squad. Yuuichi lacks self-consciousness on the ground, but manages to find a place for himself up in the sky.

As dogfights repeatedly occur and his fellow team members are replaced, he gradually regains his memories. When he rediscovers his past with Kusanagi, bound by the wicked fate of Kildren, he decides to unwind those cursed bonds of destiny.

(Source: presepe.jp, translated by ap19)

Voice Actors
Sinterniklaas, Michael
Chevalier, Davide
Kase, Ryo
Chesman, Yuri
Nath, Tobias