Liang Qi

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Canaan: Minorikawa Report 201X Shanghai
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Liang Qi (リャン・チー)

One of Alphard’s top lieutenants who affectionately refers to Alphard as an elder sister, she was hinted to have been with Alphard ever since Alphard and Siam had gone their separate ways. She appears calm and even-tempered, but is in fact unwavering, merciless, and very much obsessed with admiring and idolizing Alphard to the point of being in love with her. To her frustration, however, Alphard does not reciprocate and instead ignores or even proceeds to ridicule her from time to time. Because Alphard seems to have taken a special interest in observing Canaan's reactions to every plot carried out by Snake, Liang Qi sees the elimination of Canaan as a way to win back Alphard's attention. Alphard later decides to leave Liang Qi to her own devices after the attack on the Shanghai International Conference Hall, leaving her very much mentally unbalanced as a result.

Voice Actors
Tanaka, Rie
Boone, Jessica
Altemer, Isabelle
Geisler, Natascha
Malvárez, Wendy