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Masanori Iseki (伊勢木 マサノリ)

Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Relative(s): Unknown
Affiliation(s): Team Daybreak
Occupation: Cardfighter, member of Team Daybreak
Deck(s): Stoicheia
Avatar Card(s): overDress Season 1: Mysterious Rain Spiritualist, Zorga

Masanori Iseki is a character and antagonist in Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress. He was formerly Tohya Ebata's partner. He currently works for Team Daybreak, though the Season 2 finale reveals he is secretly working with an, as of yet, unnamed faction.

Masanori is a tall man who mostly wears a black suit with a pink undershirt and a pink and black tie. He's never seen without his blackglasses, even when he entered a hot spring. He's shaved bald, which seems to be due to him being a monk.

In the past, while training as a monk, he wore typical monk clothes, though he still wore his blackglasses even then.

Masanori is a rather eccentric individual who is fond of theatrical appearances, frequently making big flashy introductions for himself and tends to exaggerate his stories. Masanori's over the top antics tend to annoy those around him, but he usually keeps his attitude even when others are upset at him.

Masanori admires Tohya's strength and follows him as his partner, he attempts to guide Tohya to continue being a Cardfighter, and was visibly concerned about Tohya after his loss against Yu-Yu.

After nearly being blown out of the sky by an angry Zakusa and Team Blackout, he now thinks that the people of Kaga are boorish.

As the series progresses, Masanori is eventually revealed to be a cunning and manipulative schemer, who enjoys driving people to hit the rock bottom and bring out their worst traits, under the belief that is how someone's true nature is revealed. He did this by masking his true intentions to either gain sympathy or get closer to those he is interested in manipulating. This was shown how he was able to persuade Haruka to crush other teams through banner burning to improve Team Daybreak for Mirei's sake. As well as manipulate Tohya to aid Daybreak in their crusade, whom he eventually abandons once he is defeated by Danji and nominated to be the next Blackout leader.

He considers himself the calculating type, much like Tohya, which puts him at odds with Zakusa. Masanori's repeated visits and taunting of Team Blackout as well as his rivalry with Zakusa would later be revealed to a calculated move on his part to obtain information on Team Blackout in order to facilitate Tohya's attack against them. Following Tohya's acceptance of the leadership of Team Blackout, Masanori resumed his true position supporting the expansion of Team Daybreak through the forced dissolution of other cardfighting teams.

As a monk, Masanori is a follower of Buddhism.

(Source: Cardfight Vangudard Fandom)

Voice Actors
Morishima, Shuuta
Roberts, Scott