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Danji Momoyama (桃山 ダンジ)

Age: 23
Eye color: light grey
Hair color: Maroon
Affiliations: Team Blackout (previously), Team Daybreak
Occupation: Cardfighter
Deck: Dark States
Avatar Cards: overDress Season 1:Diabolos, "Violence" Bruce

Danji Momoyama, whose real name is Nadatsugu Minae, is the former leader of Team Blackout, and has the record of 20 consecutive cardfight wins. He is currently member of Team Daybreak.

Danji is very hot-blooded when cardfighting. He enjoys playing against strong players. When he is not cardfighting, he usually works various odd jobs such as a botanist, kindergarten teacher, construction worker, and priest. Other than that, he enjoys eating Princess Time Cafe's Big Kani-Kani Parfait.

Danji has maroon colored hair and light grey pupils. He is very tall and has a relatively muscular build. Danji is mostly seen wearing a long sleeved white shirt, paired with an unbuttoned army green colored coat, which has white fur surrounding the hood area. He also wears jeans with the ends rolled up along with a belt. His shirt is partially tucked in. He wears brown boots with a lighter colored sole.

(Source: Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki, edited)

Voice Actors
Ono, Yuuki