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Mikan (ミカン)
Jasmine (Mikan in original Japanese language versions) is in charge of the Mineral Badge (Steel Badge in Japanese), and resides in Olivine City. She is an expert on Steel types, but also has an Ampharos which lights the Olivine Lighthouse. Her name is related to the word mineral or mine.

In the anime
In the anime, Jasmine's Ampharos, named Sparkle, is used to light the way over the shore but it has become ill. She asks Ash to fetch her medicine from Cianwood City, and Ash and his friends retrieve the medicine and send it back with one of Jasmine's students, Janina. Several weeks later, Ash and his friends return from the Whirl Islands and Ash challenges Jasmine to a Gym battle. Ash's Pikachu defeats Jasmine's Magnemite but is defeated by Steelix. However Ash's Cyndaquil came through and beat Steelix with great difficulty earning Ash his Mineral Badge.
Unlike her other incarnations, the anime Jasmine is a far more confident girl, especially during her second appearance, where she makes an entrance via summoning her Steelix as she herself somersaults off the cliff she is standing on then landing on her Steelix. Later, during the Gym match, she appears to be anything but meek since she doesn't hestiate to tell Ash she will not make the battle easy for him.

In the manga
In Pokémon Adventures, Jasmine is caught in an earthquake caused by Team Rocket while traveling through Ecruteak City, and when she climbs the Tin Tower to get away from the shaking she gets caught in some rubble. Using Ampharos to send off a distress flare, she catches the attention of both Gold and Silver. The two boys try to rescue her, but Ampharos does it successfully, leaving the young rivals trapped in the tower.
Jasmine later recovers. At the Pokémon League Tournament, she fights against and defeats Brock. She covers her Steelix in rubble to make it look like an Onix, thinking that the newly-discovered Steel Pokémon would be too horrifying for people to see. Jasmine once specialized in Rock-type Pokémon before Crystal and Professor Oak discovered Steel-type Pokémon. Her two Togetics are the parents of Gold's Togepi.

Voice Actors
Kakazu, Yumi
Sands, Tara
Quinto, Letícia
Ugarte, Gaby
Baroli, Luciana
Rosenfeld, Alyson