Philomela Sargant

Philomela Sargant

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Philomela Sargant (フィロメラ・サーガント)

Student at the College and a classmate of Chise Hatori. She is often seen in the company of Veronica Rickenbacker, to whose lineage her own family has sworn fealty to.
Philomela seems reserved, rarely speaking to anyone outside of Veronica, who she speaks to respectfully. However, due to the upbringing and lessons of her clan, she doesn't have a strong will. She believes that all she can do is be silent, obedient, and accept thing as they are.
In the past she used to be a somewhat more outgoing child, often playing with Rian.

Voice Actors
Kawase, Maki
Gravina, Benedetta
Harris, Jill
Carvalho, Isabelle
Portuguese (BR)