Vy "Scarface" Low

Vy Low

Shadow Skill: Eigi
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Shadow Skill (1996)
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Shadow Skill: Kurudaryuu Kousatsuhou no Himitsu
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Shadow Skill
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Vy Low (ロウ)

Age: 34
Class: High Sevalle, 57th generation
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Hazel or Brown (Manga), Blue (TV series)

At the age of 16, he defeated the King of Kuruda, Iba Stol (aka Hawk Eye). In doing so, he set an example that every young warrior in Kuruda is intent on emulating. In the 2000 years of Kuruda's history, he is the strongest. From the very beginning, he shows a great interest in Elle and her adopted brother Gau, acting as a sort of unofficial "uncle" to both Gau and Screb Lowengren when the two begin to cross each others' paths. Together with Dias Ragu, Kai Sink, and Kain Phalanx, they were Kuruda's most fearsome warriors during previous Soulfan wars. He is married to Faulstis, bearer of Ordo Codex and daughter of a high official in Juliannes.

(Source: shadowskill.co.uk)

Voice Actors
Swasey, John
Matsumoto, Yasunori
Steeger, Marco
Keeble, Jonathan
Delhausse, Jean-Marc