Itsuhito Sakaki

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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
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Itsuhito Sakaki (榊 逸仁)

He tends to live a carefree life, often traveling to different places on a whim. Before meeting Hana, he tells Shinichi to lighten up and do more than just study and work during his college years. He likes to tease Shinichi about Hana, and he tries to cooperate with Ami to come up with plans to get Shinichi and Hana closer together.

He comes from a wealthy family and uses it to travel as well as help bring Hana and Shinichi together. Some examples include using his family's summer home following a trip to the beach, flying out to Tottori with Ami, renting a car, and planning the group's trip.

(Source: Uzaki-chan Wiki)

Voice Actors
Pestel, Arthur
Takagi, Tomoya
Tarsha, Nazeeh H.
Rheda, Rafael
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Lazcano, Samuel
Drews, Linus