Hatsuka Suzushiro

Hatsuka Suzushiro

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Hatsuka Suzushiro (蘿蔔 ハツカ)

Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black

Despite his gender, Hatsuka Suzushiro dresses is a rather feminine way and according to him, he only does this because it suits him. Unlike his vampire comrades, he has little to no interest in creating new underlings. Compared to the other vampires, Hatsuka seems friendlier, more helpful and isn’t as straight forward as the others, but rather more distant. He isn’t ashamed of his appearance, nor is he averse to the male gender and considers himself a man, although he purposefully dresses in a feminine way

(Source: Yofukashi no Uta Wiki)

Voice Actors
Waki, Azumi
Wild, Annie
Giorgio, Elisa
Darazi, Estelle