Akira Akebono

Akira Akebono

Bakutou Sengen Daigunder
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Akira Akebono (曙アキラ)
Akira wants to be the Greatest Commander of Battle Robots and win the Titan Belt, a great honor. In the night before his Commander registration, he dreamt that he won the Titan Belt. The next day he and his team, Team Akira, resolve that they, at any cost, will defeat the opposing team at the Commander registration match.

Unfortunately, they must have at least 4 robots to compete and they had only 3. But somehow he manages to enter. When he was losing, his Grandpa sends him his 4th robot, Daigunder. After the match, Daigunder transforms into his mini-form, Ryuga. They both start fighting as to who performed better and turn out to be the bitterest of enemies. But as the series progress, we find that they turn out to be the best of friends.

Akira is a kind and courageous boy. If he sees any of his robots in danger, he jumps in the middle of the fight without a second thought. Akira and Ryuga's partnership is admirable throughout the series. When Daigunder was controlled by Dragon Buster to destroy Akira, he played on his life to save Daigunder.

Voice Actors
Takimoto, Fujiko
Goodson, Barbara