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Toriko Nishina (仁科 鳥子)

Toriko is a mysterious girl Sorawo meets in the Otherside. She invites Sorawo to her forays into the Otherside, offering money in exchange for help in locating her mentor, Satsuki, who'd gone missing in the Otherside during a solo expedition. Toriko is usually frivolous by nature and adept at using guns and survival tactics, but also quite perceptive at reading Sorawo's mood and tactful about other people's past and circumstances, although she can come across as blunt and insensitive when interacting with people she doesn't know too well.

After a confrontation with a Kunekune from the Otherside, Toriko's left hand is left translucently blue and can grab onto incorporeal Otherside beings and portals after Sorawo uses her right eye on them. She usually wears a glove on that hand in order to not draw unwanted attention to it. Later, Toriko remarks that her left hand can bleed when she accidentally gets a cut there.

About her family:

Voice Actors
Neves, Emily
Kayano, Ai
Fölster, Julia