Shogo "Ushi" Ushiyama

Shogo Ushiyama

Mousou Dairinin
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Shogo Ushiyama
Shogo Ushiyama is a new transfer student. At Shogo's old school, he was the subject of bullying and had to transfer schools. Shogo is extremely friendly and makes very high grades, quickly gaining popularity (despite being overweight) from his fellow students and often helps other students study. Following the advice of his counselor, Shogo constantly thinks positive and takes on many challenges, such as running for class president. Shogo becomes the subject of intense hatred from Yuichi Taira, whom Yuichi blames for spreading the rumors that Yuichi is Shonen Bat/Lil' Slugger. Despite the rude and disrespectful manner Yuichi treats Shogo, Shogo maintains his friendly demeanor towards Yuichi and continues to pursue his friendship.

Voice Actors
Tsumura, Makoto
Jimenez, Ariadna
Bleynie, Nathalie
Bendik, Steven