Ban "Guilty Clown" Juumonji

Ban Juumonji

I★Chu: Halfway Through the Idol
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I★Chuu Comic Anthology: Happy Time
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Ban Juumonji (十文 字蛮)

Bloody Master's obedient servant. He's a cheerful, open-hearted, and honest boy. He loves eating and most of the time will be seen stuffing himself with food. His father manages the orphanage Eva and Mio used to live in, which is how he met them. He has been treating them as his family ever since he was young. Despite Mio being cold to him, Ban understands that Mio is actually a kind kid who thinks about Eva the most, so Ban ends up forgiving him.

(Source: Etoile Stage Wiki)

Voice Actors
Shimozuma, Yoshiyuki