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Dorohedoro: Ma no Omake
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Ebisu (恵比寿)

Ebisu is a young, androgynous and sullen looking woman who first appears in chapter three, donning a skull shaped mask. She is walking through the Hole, unable to summon a door back to the Magic Users' world due to the barrier between worlds currently in effect. She runs in to Caiman and Nikaido, who advance on her in their common fashion. Caiman cuts off Ebisu's fingers to prevent her from using magic, and bites down on her head after removing her mask. Before he can withdraw to ask her his "question", a frantic Fujita appears from a door behind her and forcefully pulls her out of his clamped down jaws, in to the door. This sudden and jerky movement causes trauma to her face and head, but they both get to safety.

After this incident, Ebisu is shown to be haunted by nightmares—and has become somewhat insane. At En's residence, she is restrained until Noi can properly heal and restore her fingers and face. Past that point, it is evident her head trauma caused some (supposedly temporary,) brain damage as seen in her suddenly eccentric behavior. She is commonly seen with Fujita in the manga panels, possibly leading to believe that they are "partners" now.

Her smoke is not seen directly, but records state she is skilled in Reptile transformation. However between panels it shows her having attacked someone with a surplus of power after being fed Black Powder by someone who appeared to have met her before.

Voice Actors
Tomita, Miyu
Valenzuela, Cristina
Milani, Gabi
Portuguese (BR)
Cuscusa, Veronica
Jégou, Gwenaëlle
Leal, Lupita