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Dorohedoro: Ma no Omake
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En (煙)

En is the infamous head of the En Family, the powerful mob like family that seems to have great control over the magical world in Dorohedoro as well as various businesses and operations. En is in direct control of the numerous En Family forces spread across the various magical world cities. The core family members En controls include Fujita, Turkey, Shou, Ebisu, Chota, and the cleaners Shin and Noi.

The power of En comes from the magical smoke he produces. Black smoke pours through En's mouth or hands and whatever it touches is turned into mushrooms. The amount of smoke En can create is so great that he can turn entire cities into mushrooms. His power also allows him to create special types of mushrooms, some he can even control like miniature people.

En is typically seen wearing a nice suit alongside his signature facial mask that covers his mouth akin to a surgical mask. Every magic user in Dorohedoro wears a mask but En's mask also serves to prevent smoke from leaking from his mouth and he takes it off when he fights a strong opponent. Underneath the mask En's skin is very pale and he has a neat goatee/mustache combo. En's favorite color is red, his distinct spiky hair is red, his mask is red, and most of his suits or undershirts are red or at least red fringed.

En is quite fond of mushrooms, he themes every product he sells after them, he cultivates his own species in a garden, and every meal he eats is made with mushrooms.

Voice Actors
Horiuchi, Kenyuu
Silverstein, Keith
Marconatto, Alexandre
Portuguese (BR)
Alessandroni, Stefano
Pappas, Constantin
Garcia, Andrés