Shiyao "Shin Shiyou" Qin

Shiyao Qin

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Shiyao Qin (秦 诗瑶)

An 18-year-old girl. Due to her special physical make-up, she was chosen to be Duanmu Xi (Tanmoku Ki)'s fiancee. Despite being an arranged engagement, she is seriously in love with him. She is making an effort to throw aside her tomboyish personality in order to become a suitable wife who can support Duanmu Xi (Tanmoku Ki) and stand by his side. She is absolutely gorgeous, but is in fact an otaku who loves video games. She watches over Duanmu Xi (Tanmoku Ki) and Yang Jinghua (You Keika) in her own way.

Voice Actors
Ookubo, Rumi
Shen, Nianru