Sumire Jinno

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Sumire Jinno (神野 菫)

The priestess of the temple near Akito's home and the mother of Ai.

She's an enchanting cool beauty who has a gaze which seems to see through everything, as well as a pair of bountiful breasts. A kind, doting parent who always prioritizes her daughter over anything else.

She shows no mercy to any man who tries to come close to her daughter. Akito, the only person who Ai likes aside from her mother, is treated a little harshly by Sumire.

She needs to give birth to a man who can succeed the temple. However, her husband left the house and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Considering her age, conception is difficult and may soon become impossible, so her back is currently pressed against the wall.

(Source: VNDB)

Voice Actors
Asai, Harumi