Yoshino Koharu

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Yoshino Koharu (木春 由乃)

Koharu is the main character. She did not like the countryside and yearned to live in the capital. She has come all the way to Tokyo to find that "special something," however she still has yet to find out what that "thing" is. She has failed her entrance examinations for 30 companies and suddenly a request for work comes in one day. By a stroke of luck, she goes from nothing to being a Queen (Angel of Sightseeing) for a mini-independent kingdom. So, she sets out for Manoyama Town. She is a friend to everyone, but she is serious to the core. She is a normal girl. However, she has a bit of a complex about her "normalness."

(Source: Honey's Anime)

Voice Actors
Nanase, Ayaka
Tipton, Alexis