Juubee Ninpuuchou
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Shijima (シジマ)

Shijima has many strange abilities. He can control dead bodies (and live ones too!) like they were puppets, he can travel freely through shadows, and he has the ability to multiply himself into "decoys". Actually, it is the illusion of him multiplying. His main weapon is his mechanical claw which he can throw very fast out of the shadows. He throws it at Dakuwan, and is amazed that he avoided it... all it did was pin his clothes to a tree. A pretty nifty enemy to Jubei, but not all that bright.

A master of stealth and misdirection, Shijima captures Kagero to lure Jubei into his trap. He strikes at him from the shadows by using his metal claw.

Voice Actors
Seymour, Kevin
Oomori, Akimasa