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Young Vietnamese Doctor

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Young Vietnamese Doctor
She ran an underground medical clinic in Munich without a license catering to underprivileged clients and those who couldn't afford traditional healthcare, primarily from the refugee community, in the absence of her more experienced father. Her family had emigrated from Vietnam to East Germany during the 1980s.

Dr. Kenzo Tenma encountered her at her clinic during his endeavors to track down and destroy the evil Johan Liebert, having come there to get a tipoff on the circumstances behind the murder of Blue Sophie, where she was backlogged with patients in desperate need of medical attention. Tenma, as a medical professional, insisted that the patients should be taken to an actual hospital in light of their grievous injuries, but she angrily responded that it wasn't an option for them due to their social status. Initially, the headstrong girl refused Tenma's help, but relented and allowed him to help her perform several procedures on the needy patients. Gradually, she opened up to Tenma on her situation and, when Tenma had to leave, stating that he had to end a man's life, she worried about what might become of him.

Later, she was among those who watched his arrest on television, commenting that he was an "inspiration" for her and hoping for the best in light of the circumstances.

(Source: Monster Wiki)

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