Kenji "Ken-chan" Miyazawa

Kenji Miyazawa

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Kenji Miyazawa (宮沢 賢治)
Age: 14
Birthday: August 27
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Blood type: O
Likes: Music, tempura soba, Mitsuya cider
Dislikes: Poverty
Ability: Undefeated by the Rain; grants him superhuman strength. This lets him perform feats he normally wouldn't be able to do, such as lifting cars with ease or pulling street signs out of the cement. He can even rip a steel door from the same type as is used in high-security bank safes from the wall. It also seems to grant him superhuman durability, as he was attacked in the back of the head with a lead pipe and suffered no ill damage whatsoever (such a blow could damage or kill a person) and he mentions getting kicked in the head by cows all the time and seems to have survived with little to no damage. The catch to his ability is that he is only able to use it on an empty stomach, and will fall asleep after eating.

Voice Actors
Dodge, Lucien
Kagura, Hiroyuki
Volpato, Felipe