Hyde "Lawless"


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Hyde (ハイド)
Age: Unknown (appears 18)
Birthday: 24th June
Height: 176cm (5'9")
Strength: 7/10, Tactics: 7/10, Cooperativeness: 5/10, Mental State: 1/10, Appearance: 5/10, Acting Ability: 8/10
Contract item: Necklace
Animal form: Hedgehog

Lawless is the Servamp of greed. He is a strong Servamp who often quotes Shakespeare and has a habit of killing his Eves once he grows bored of them. Lawless is self-centred and particularly emotional. He is shown to long for someone to love him, and his extravagant methods of switching Eves was only a means of refusing to face this fact.

Overall, however, Lawless is extremely energetic and obnoxious with penchant to poking fun at others and tends to introduce himself and others through extravagant means. He tends to be self-serving but an otherwise positive presence.

Like the other Servamps, Lawless is capable of swapping between an animal form and a human form, and will revert to his animal form when in sunlight. His animal form is that of a small black-spiked hedgehog with three distinctive white spikes, he is capable of speech while in hedgehog form.

(Source: Servamp Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kimura, Ryouhei
Schwarz-Msesilamba, Asad
Sinclair, Ian