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Roxanne (ロクサーヌ)
Age: 16
Race: Wolfkin

Roxanne is described as stunningly beautiful with enchanting reddish brown eyes, magnificent lips, thick chestnut brown hair, and big breasts. Her height is similar to Michio's, a little over 160 cm. She has soft floppy dog ears on her head.

Roxanne was introduced during Michio's first visit to Vale by Alan the slave merchant. Alan had offered her to Michio, but seeing that Michio couldn't afford her at the time, Alan offered to hold her for 10 days while Michio gathered money. On the 10th day after Alan's offer, Michio returned and purchased Roxanne. Together, they left and headed for the Pavilion Inn. After a minor misunderstanding, Michio told Roxanne that he came form a distant land and admitted that he lacked common sense of the area. He requested that she assist in teaching him common sense as well as how to read and write in the Brahim language to which she hesitantly agreed.

In combat, she carefully watches the enemy so she that she can understand how it's going to move, so that she would only need to move her body a little. The secret of Roxanne's insane ability came from playing with monsters ever since she was a kid, however, she could play like that only because she could dodge.

(Source: Slave Harem Wikia)

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