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Fei Fong Wong (ウォン・フェイフォン)
Fei was born to Kahn and Karen Wong, who as far as I can tell were descended from Shevat or at least working for them, if not actually living there. His father was away on missions most of the time, so Fei was probably very close to his mother. That all changed when Miang awakened in Karen's body.

Fei sensed the change in his mother, but he didn't know what to make of it. He tried to tell his father, but Kahn wouldn't listen. This trend continued for years as Karen dragged Fei to Solaris's labs, where he was put through painful, probably terrifying tests that killed dozens of people. He created and tried to hide behind the persona of Id, and forced it to take all of the punishment. (Thus, Id only knows his mother as Miang, which is actually kind of interesting...)

By the time his father realized what was going on it was too late. Grahf came to retreive Fei, and the ensuing conflict ended when Fei freaked out and released his power, killing his mother and putting Id to the forefront. He remained that way until the destruction of Elru, when Kahn subdued him and created a new persona (the one we know from the game) over Id to lock him away. Fei was given into the care of Chief Lee in Lahan, and he remained there under Shitan's watchful eye until the beginning of the game.

(Source: Guardian Angels)

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