Hoppou Seiki "Hoppou-chan, Northern Princess, Northern Ocean Hime"

Hoppou Seiki


Kantai Collection 4-koma Comic: Fubuki, Ganbarimasu!
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Hoppou Seiki (北方棲姫)
Appeared first in Summer 2014 Event

Appears in a pre-boss node for 3-5.

Weak against Type 3 Shell, as with all installation-type bosses. Only known installation-type to appear in a non-event map. She is the only enemy that's voiced in a non-event map.

Known as Dutch Harbor and Hoppou-chan (北方 = "Hoppou" = Northern)

The plane she is carrying on her 2nd form is the Akutan Zero ( An A6M plane that crashlanded on Akutan Island).

The theme that plays during her 3-5 battle is called 'Protect the Shikon'. Shikon is known as Purple Gromwell Root in English and has powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties when applied to skin wounds. Apparantly, it is also able to heal scars and blemishes too. Definitely an item the ladies of the Abyssal Fleet would want to hoard!

(Source: Kantai Collection Wiki)

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