Blue Dragon
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Blue Dragon: Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu
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Blue Dragon: Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu - Kuuchuu Toshi no Tatakai
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Bouquet (ブーケ)

Age: 12

Bouquet is a character created exclusively for the Blue Dragon anime.

Bouquet is a young waitress who is saved by Shuu after being harassed by two customers. After, she falls in love with Shuu and even gets him to propose to her.

She has large breasts and wide hips, and due to her well-endowed body, Bouquet is also constantly harassed by Marumaro's perverted actions. Even though Bouquet doesn't like this kind of attitude, she still uses her charm and breasts as sexy appeal to get Shuu's attention.

Her shadow, "Hippopotamus," allows Bouquet to become invisible, where she must completely undress to become invisible to the naked eye. In addition to this, Bouquet also has the ability to transform into anything she wants. Later in the series, she also receives the power to copy an enemy's attack.

Voice Actors
Nakajima, Saki
Fahn, Melissa
Rivero, Yensi
Parmiani, Lara
Apollonio, Ana Paula
Portuguese (BR)