Claude Monteille

Claude Monteille

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
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Claude Monteille (クロード・モンテイユ)
Claude Monteil was the National Treasury Manager during the Rebelo Administration. When the New Galactic Empire occupied Heinessenpolis at the end of the Second Alliance–Imperial War, Imperial troops demanded to inspect the records of the national assets of the Free Planets Alliance but Claude Monteil refused to cooperate, stating that only tax paying citizens of the Alliance had the right to make such a request. He stated government officials had a responsibility to do their duties in accordance with the laws of the Alliance and their own conscience. He was frankly honest in saying he valued his own life but still said he had to perform his duty of public service as a government official.

(Source: Gineipaedia)

Voice Actors
Anan, Kenji