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Nekopara: Chocola & Vanilla
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Chocola (ショコラ)

Breed: Black Cat Mix
Height: 152 cm
Three sizes: 75-54-76
Likes: Kashou

Chocola is a cheerful and energetic catgirl as Kashou himself describes her, 'happy-go-lucky.' She doesn't usually get upset, and even when she does, she often swings back to being as cheery as usual, though occasionally she can be genuinely sad about something. She is curious, and has a childlike outlook on things, which is fitting as she and Vanilla are mentioned to be only 9 months old in human terms.

(Source: Nekopara Wikia)

Voice Actors
Apprill, Bryn
Tomonaga, Maki
Yagi, Yuki

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