Jason Carlos Bourne

Jason Carlos Bourne

Terra Formars
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Terra Formars
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Jason Carlos Bourne (ジェイソン・カルロス・ボーン)

Nationality: U.S.A
Surgery Base: Scaly-foot Gastropod (Crysomallon Squamifferum)

Jason Carlos Bourne was an American man who joined Annex I under the tutelage of Shokichi Komachi. At some point in its past his mother abandoned him and his brother who later die during Operation MO.

After receiving his M.O. Operation, Bourne gained the powers and abilities of the Scaly-foot Gastropod, allowing him to grow a shell during a transformation, giving him a extremely strong defence.

(Source: Terror Formars Wikia)

Voice Actors
Miyake, Kenta
Meese, Andreas
Gijón Del Valle, Germán