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Kang-To Lee


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Kang-To Lee (佐藤 浩)
Born from as a noble but after his father was killed by the Japanese, Lee Kang-To, his mother, and his brother became commoners under the Japanese rule. But Kang-To's life changed forever when his brother Lee Kang-San rebelled against the corrupt Japanese government and eventually got tortured so exceedingly, that he became mentally unstable, and Kang-To's family became too poor to afford food let alone shelter.

In order to survive in his perilous reality and make money to take care of his mentally unstable brother and sick mother, Kang-To betrays his home country of Korea. Kang-To joins the Japanese police bureau in Korea with the help of his Japanese friend, Kimura Shunji and beats/kills Korean rebels. Kang-To quickly rises up to become one of the most powerful and feared high-ranked police officer in his bureau due to his spine-chilling cruelty and ability to capture whoever he's ordered to hunt down. The only Korean rebel that Kang-To's never been able to capture is the Gaksital himself. Kang-To's clash with the Gaksital will not only open Kang-To's eyes into the truth of his reality and what justice truly is, but will bring Kang-To face to face with his destiny.

Lee Kang-To saves his superior, Kimura Kenji by shooting the Gaksital right before the Gaksital was going to kill Kenji. Upon killing the Gaksital, Lee Kang-To unmasks the Gaksital only to find out that the Gaksital was actually his beloved brother, who was faking to be mentally unstable to avoid suspicion. It is later revealed that Kimura Kenji murdered Lee Kang-To's mother which triggered the Gaksital to attempt to murder Kenji.

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