Ryuutarou Mine

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Nodame Cantabile: Nodame to Chiaki no Umi Monogatari
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Nodame Cantabile
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Ryuutarou Mine (峰龍太郎)

4th-year Violin student. His father owns a Chinese restaurant "Uraken" right next to the university. He is something of a prima donna whose violin technique is seen by himself to be deeply personal but by others to be simply sloppy. He sees Chiaki as a rival for attention and tries hard to compete with his "Princely" image of him. He likes Nodame for her free-spirited ways. He is the concertmaster of the S Orchestra conducted by Chiaki, and a violinist in the R☆S Orchestra. He is also the one who thought that performing like Jimi Hendrix, and adding a touch of 'rock' would give quality despite that it looks dumb in an original orchestra (as stated by Chiaki). He is currently dating Kiyora Miki.

Voice Actors
Kawada, Shinji
George, Grant
Juhász, Zoltán
Bastidas, Rolman
Bezerra, Ulisses
Portuguese (BR)