Elena Perepelkina

Elena Perepelkina

Terra Formars
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Terra Formars
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Elena Perepelkina (エレナ・ペレペルキナ)

Nationality: Russia
Mars Ranking: Unknown
Surgery Base: Belladonna (Atropa belladonna)
Blood type: B
Birthdate: February 18 (Aquarius)

Elena Perepelkina is a Russian girl under Sylvester Asimov's tutelage that joined the Annex Project along with her brother, Ivan, to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflict the Earth. Being the exact opposite of her brother, Elena has a calm behavior, doesn't talk too much, is always serious and very self-confident.

She has the best aim among the Annex 1 with the Terraformar net launcher.

(Source: Terra Formars Wikia)

Voice Actors
Park, Romi
Fitzgerald, Erin
Wunsch, Vanessa
Cabrera, Silvia