Jintsuu "Keijunyoukan, Sendai Class Light Cruiser"


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Jintsuu (神通)
"Uh, I'm the light cruiser Jintsuu. So, I would appreciate your favor... " - Jintsuu

"I am Jintsuu. I received modernisation, and was assignemd as the flagship of DesRon2. I fought bravely as the vanguard at the Battle of Kolombangara Island. But, everybody shot at me... how cruel... " - Jintsuu

Jintsuu was sunk after illuminating enemy ships with her searchlights, causing all of them to fire at her. Jintsuu of KanColle starts as a shy and timid girl who becomes later a GAR flagship.

(Source: Kancolle Wikia)

Voice Actors
Sakura, Ayane