Sendai "Keijunyoukan, Sendai Class Light Cruiser"


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Sendai (川内)
"Sendai has arrived. Please leave the night battle to me." - Sendai

"The culmination of the 5500 ton level light cruisers, it is I, the Sendai-class. I'll fully teach you the appeal of a mature light cruiser. Of course, it'll with a night battle! " - Sendai

IJN destroyer teams were trained to spot the enemy by the naked eye at night and perform pre-emptive strikes. Of the 4 battle that Sendai participated in, 3 were at night. Sendai of KanColle is a cute, night-battle-obsessed freak.

(Source: Kancolle Wikia)

Voice Actors
Karbowski, Brittney
Sakura, Ayane