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Kamen no Maid Guy
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Kamen no Maid Guy: Ano Natsu, Ichiban Yutaka na Chichi.
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Kamen no Maid Guy
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Kogarashi (メイドガイ・コガラシ)

Kogarashi, The Masked Maid Guy, was hired as a Maid/Bodyguard to protect and serve Naeka and Kousuke Fujiwara until they turn 18 when they are at the legal age to receive their inheritance from their Grandfather.

Despite his "evil" appearance, Kogarashi is very loyal to his assigned Master and will take any measures necessary to complete his given tasks. Using a wide variety of special powers he has at his desposal along with a practicaly indestructible body.
However he tends to act on his own intentions when he feels like it, and his approach only tends to make matters worse at most times.

Yet Kogarashi is also proven to be highly intelligent and a mathematical genius. His social skill seem to flaw under that as he does not understand the meaning of "privacy" in any way, this resulted in him being called a Pervert though he only sees his actions from a professional point of view in aiding his masters well being.

He also was spotted in Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun anime episode 3 as one of the hired persecutors by Reika Houjou to make deeper androphobia to Mayu Tsukimura while she was walking in town.

Voice Actors
Koyama, Rikiya

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