Tamotsu "XeXeeD" Shigemura

Tamotsu Shigemura

Sword Art Online II
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Sword Art Online
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Tamotsu Shigemura (茂村 保 / ゼクシード)
XeXeeD was the winner of the «2nd Bullet of Bullets» tournament, which he won due to obtaining an extremely rare gun, the XM29 assault rifle. Another factor that contributed to his win was that, right before the tournament, he spread misinformation about stat allocation to other players, specifically about AGI being the best build, while, later on in the game, a STR-VIT build proved to be better. He also opted to take a life sized model of a GGO gun as his prize for winning the BoB instead of in-game currency. This eventually caused him to become one of Death Gun's targets.

Voice Actors
Kamiya, Hiroshi
George, Grant
Dawn-Claude, René
Méyère, Bruno