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Ryouhei Arisu (有栖 良平)

The main protagonist of the series. He is experiencing a form of "Escapism," or something similar, where he wishes he could go to a foreign place, far away. Similarily, his two best friends, Chouta Segawa and Karube Daikichi, also long for this far away place.

One day, when they are out, they catch a glimpse of fireworks, almost blinding them. After this explosion, they get suddenly thrust into a seemingly different world. Although the city looks almost the same, it appears deserted and in ruins. After stumbling across a woman, they accidentally enter a "game venue." Without much information as to what is happening, they start playing the game after the rules are stated, not knowing the deadliness of these so-called "games."

Voice Actors
Hosoya, Yoshimasa
Gee, Jeremy