Yugo "Angel" Gilbert

Yugo Gilbert

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Yugo Gilbert (ユーゴー・ギルバート)
Also known as the "Angel", Yugo was born with extraordinary telepathic powers. She, her brother Cliff, and several others with extraordinary gifts grew up in an Egrigori lab as test subjects. Yugo and some of her companions escaped from the lab and traveled to Japan.

Yugo is very different from all the other members of the X-Army because she has a soft side, and willingly helps Ryo. Her telepathic abilities are among the most powerful exhibited by any character so far. During the Red Caps' assault on Aisora City she is able to simultaneously control four Red Cap failures whose minds had become completely ruined by the experiments to create them. This proved to be a double edged sword as her control over them was so powerful that she began to feel their pain and eventually mimic any injuries they sustained on her own body. She is unable to read the minds of people who have been trained to resist telepathy, people acting on instinct, or other powerful telepaths.

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Voice Actors
Johnson, Willow