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Yukimi (ユキミ)
Yukimi is a young girl of the Iburi clan.

Like the rest of her clan, Yukimi's underdeveloped ability to become smoke made her vulnerable to the outside world, forcing them to live underground. She and her brother, Tenzō, would regularly go as close to the surface to listen to it. One day, her clan was found by Orochimaru. Taking an interest in their abilities, he was able to partially stabilise their power by branding them with his cursed seal.

Yukimi is a very upbeat girl, regularly smiling. She has a great love for her clan and relatives. Even when the rest of her clan insisted that her brother died, she refuses to believe it. Her love for her family can make her overly emotional, growing very sad at the sudden lost of one.

Yukimi is a short fair-skinned girl with curly, long brown hair. She has blue eyes and freckles under her eyes. She, like the rest of her clan, wears rag. Along with her clan members, she has Orochimaru's cursed seal on the back of her neck.

Like the rest of her clan, Yukimi can transform into smoke and still make physical contact with targets. In smoke form, she can possess a person, able to essentially wear the person like a second body.

(Source: Narutopedia)

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