Mina Toreishi

Mina Toreishi

Idol Bouei-tai Hummingbird
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Mina Toreishi (取石 水無)
Personal aircraft: HB-05
Mina is the youngest of the five Toreishi sisters. Her date of birth is on June 6, age 12 ('95 Song of the Wind, age 13).
Mina is the youngest sister, and acts it. Blessed with a mile-wide mischievous streak, her favourite target is Yayoi. Unfortunately, in targeting her, she is usually playing with fire, and payback is swift and severe. Mina also appears to have a big appetite, as she is often seen eating.
Although she generally plays co-pilot and girl-in-back to Uzuki, Mina does fly solo. Her personal aircraft is an attack helicopter, normally carried aboard Uzuki's craft and deployed mid-air.

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Voice Actors
Shiina, Hekiru